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About title

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will.”

– Vince Lombardi 

I was born into a world that seemingly had the odds stacked against me.

My early years were a blur of poverty, neglect, and abuse in South Carolina. With a violent father and a depressed mother who took her own life when I was merely ten, my brother and I were branded “at-risk” children, left to fend for ourselves in a dilapidated, rat-infested home.

Amidst this chaos, I found an unlikely beacon of hope, my fourth-grade teacher, who saw a spark of potential within me beyond my circumstances. She believed in me, fostered my abilities, and gave me a sense of self-worth that was missing at home.

Throughout my adolescence, I faced persistent negativity. A high school guidance counselor told me college wasn’t for me. Despite successfully enrolling in college, critics doubted my capacity to be an effective educator. But with grit and tenacity, I proved them all wrong.

The school where I once played the role of class clown in first grade became the stage where I would ultimately rise to the position of principal. In a remarkable feat of dedication and strategic leadership, I spearheaded a transformative turnaround within just one year. With the help of the administration, the school ended up receiving the prestigious Silver Award, recognizing the significant progress in narrowing the achievement gap and fostering academic success among minority students.

A pivotal moment came when I made a conscious decision to change my environment.

I began to connect with successful people, absorbing their wisdom, habits, and mindsets. This shift in my social surroundings was transformative.

I graduated from college and became an educator, driven by a passion to support and encourage others just as my fourth-grade teacher did for me. Recognizing my potential and ability to connect and inspire, my colleagues became my advocates.

The real game-changer was when my aunt and uncle introduced me to their business model and showed me the true value of a dollar. They unfolded their business blueprint before me, running a profitable home care business. It was an absolute revelation.

They didn’t just show me how a dollar could multiply – they demonstrated the profound power and potential that lay dormant within every single cent. It was like a scene straight out of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” where my uncle took on the role of the insightful, financially savvy ‘Rich Dad.’ His guidance shifted my financial lens and brought clarity to the previously blurred vision of my economic future. This pivotal moment didn’t just educate me about money… it spurred a deep transformation, unveiling a new path laden with opportunities and infinite potential.

Game Changers

I created my first leveraged income stream.

Drawn to the allure of surpassing my educator’s earnings and even my future goal of becoming a superintendent, I ventured into entrepreneurship. I launched my Home Health business with a single employee, and for every hour they worked, I profited 25 cents. Though it was a small start, it marked a monumental shift: I was no longer just trading time for money. My income was now growing, even in my sleep. This sparked a joyous realization of the power of leveraged income.

Today, I stand at the helm of a thriving business boasting over 100 dedicated employees and several other businesses. From that first humble, exhilarating step, I’ve journeyed to a place of success and accomplishment. Yet, the thrill of creating wealth and opportunity for myself and those within my enterprise never ceases to inspire and motivate me.

Generosity is my superpower and I want to empower others to be financially free.

From a young age, I was always generous, often to the point where my mother worried it would be my downfall. But for me, being a giver was innate. It was something that brought me joy and satisfaction.

Today, this generosity is my superpower. I’ve turned my love for giving into a way to create a lasting impact. I don’t just share my wealth… I share what’s more valuable: my knowledge and expertise.

Nothing gives me greater pleasure than seeing the people I mentor flourish and achieve success. The smiles I help bring about are the true measure of my success.


I’m here to leave a legacy greater than myself.

My story didn’t end in the classroom. Seeing an opportunity for a more significant impact, I stepped into the world of entrepreneurship. I became a successful entrepreneur, using my wealth to uplift my community and create opportunities for others.

I hold the distinction of being the first African American alumni from Francis Marion University to reach this level of success. My journey from an at-risk child to a successful entrepreneur is not just a personal victory. It is a testament to the power of belief, the value of positive influences, and a resounding affirmation that our beginnings do not have to dictate our destinations.

I want you to be better than me!