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Dr. Timothy Hunter is the epitome of tenacity and resilience, making him an exceptional choice as a speaker. Dr. Hunter has faced numerous obstacles and challenges throughout his life, from growing up in a disadvantaged neighborhood to overcoming personal tragedies. However, instead of succumbing to adversity, Dr. Hunter has used these experiences to fuel his determination and drive for success.

His unwavering commitment to personal growth and belief in leveraging income streams have propelled him to achieve remarkable success in those areas. His ability to turn setbacks into opportunities, coupled with his genuine passion for helping others succeed, makes him an inspiring and relatable speaker who can ignite motivation, spark transformative thinking, and empower individuals to overcome obstacles and achieve their own version of success. 

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Benefits of Hiring Dr. Timothy Hunter


Inspire your audience and bring tears to their eyes with Dr. Hunter's personal journey from humble beginnings to becoming a successful entrepreneur. He is a testament to the power of hard work and determination, providing an inspiring story for audiences of all ages.

Expert Knowledge

With his experience building successful businesses, Dr. Hunter has a wealth of practical knowledge to share about entrepreneurship, wealth building, and gaining financial independence.


Dr. Hunter is known for his dynamic and engaging speaking style, ensuring his message captivates and motivates your audience.


What Tim Wants to Help His Audience Achieve:

  1. Understand the concept of leveraged income and how to effectively implement it
  2. Create and manage multiple streams of income for financial stability and growth
  3. Develop a wealth-building, duck-mentality mindset and the habits that support it
  4. Find a balance between self-care and the drive for success
  5. Harness the power of entrepreneurship to transform their financial future
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Powerful and Persuasive

Choose from Dr. Hunter’s Most Popular Topics or Have Him Customize a Message Specifically for Your Audience

  1. The Duck Mentality: Building Unlimited Treasure from Scratch
  2. Butter: How to Make Your Money Work for You
  3. The Power of Leveraged Income: Maximizing Your Wealth Potential
  4. Self-Care and Wealth Care: Achieving Balance on the Road to Success
  5. From the Hood to the Boardroom: A Journey of Entrepreneurship

Dr. Hunter uses his own personal story as a student and experience as an educator, inspiring and encouraging students to overcome adversity.

@Mrs. Massey
Assistant Principal

Dr. Hunter gave the keynote speech at our school’s 5th-grade promotion ceremony. When I say those students were on the edges of their seats, it would be an understatement. Every single pair of eyes were glued onto him as he gave a very moving, inspirational message for their future.

@Jesse Molle
Gifted & Talent Teacher

Dr. Hunter’s speech was engaging and inspirational. His message of perseverance is so important for student success.

@Sarah Hughes
Dean of Students

Inspire and educate your audience

  1. Wealth Building: Drawing from personal experience, Dr. Hunter offers practical strategies for creating and growing wealth.
  2. Entrepreneurship: Dr. Hunter shares the joys and challenges of starting a business, offering advice for success.
  3. Leveraged Income: Dr. Hunter explains how to make money work for you, sharing tips on creating passive income streams.
  4. Self-Care: Dr. Hunter emphasizes the importance of self-care in the journey to financial success.
  5. Personal Growth: Dr. Hunter shares how understanding the value of a dollar played a crucial role in his success journey.

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